"Point of Sale and inventory software for Restaurants and Bars"

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Product Overview

PosXpress touch screen application uses the best computer power offered in the industry to help your employees take and process orders, and track your inventory and sales. PosXpress order entry process is one of the fastest in the industry. With a short number of taps on the screen, an order can be placed, and sent to the kitchen. PosXpress, also has a Bar feature, which enables Bartenders to ring out a drink with 2 to 3 touches of the screen. As well as the capability to track open Checks. More modules are available.


The current available modules include:

Pick-up and Delivery

For each of these modules there are corresponding manuals and training available. Please select one of the modules for further information.



Product Overview
Front End features
Back End features
Managerial features
Additional screenshots

Currently our marketing package is undergoing an update. A new version of PosXpress was recently completed with slight changes in the main screen as well as each of the modules (as seen below).

Click on a screenshot to enlarge.

Front End Features
"Bar Fly" Screen for optimizing Bartender speed in High volume environments.
automatic Forced prompts for Menu item Special Instructions
Menu Specific Modifiers
Touch Screen Keyboard for Server Special Instruction Entry
Customized Front of House Reports
Transfer tables between Servers
Simplified Check splitting and close out procedure
ExPress Check closing Process
Multiple Payment Types
Tracking by Guest count & Entree
PickUp and Delivery Express Module
Automatic Gratuity Calculation with Management Bypass Option
Payout Tracking with Defined Payment Types and Audit Tracking
House Charge Tracking
Account Receivable and Billing Module
Expediter Printer Option Summary


Main Menu

mainmenu.gif (29161 bytes)

Level 1 - Categories

eatin.gif (33661 bytes)

Level 2 - Item Detail

steaks.gif (35766 bytes)

Level 3 - Item

itemdetail.gif (21131 bytes)

Cash Tendered

cashtendered.gif (29121 bytes)

Back End Features
Manager on Duty End of Day Report.
Owner on Duty End of Day Report
Interactive Posting for on Demand Sales Reports
Standard Reporting Package Module
ODBC Compliant for interface with any Report Writing Software
MultiUser Microsoft NT Powered Database
Remote Site Data Polling
Multiple Position and Pay Rates for each Employee
Employee Tip Reporting at Clockout Time or Safe Harbor Sales % Calculation
Management Audit of Previous Time Records
Misc. Menu

miscmenu.gif (25929 bytes)

Close Register

closereg.gif (18522 bytes)


employee.gif (15206 bytes)

Managerial Features
Check transfer between Servers; table to table and Bar to Table
Void item Tracking with User definable Void Reasons
Comp Item Tracking with definable Comp Reasons
Printer Rerouting Capabilities
Flag Menu Items "86"
Comparative time of day and day of week Detail and Summary Reporting
Sales Tracking by Item Category
Online Check Posting for Up-to-the Minute Sales Reporting
Labor Costs by shift and incremental by Sales % and Labor $
Manager Menu

manager.gif (32051 bytes)

Server Report

servereos.gif (18025 bytes)

Below is a series of thumbnail screen captures of the food order screen. Click on any of the images to enlarge them. Many of these shots are coming soon due to the new version release in the Spring of 2005. Please contact us for further information. Check back frequently for updates (March 10).
More to come
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More to come
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More to come
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More to come
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More to come
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More screen shots coming soon. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.